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At Beni Hana, your meal is prepared and served by a performing chef, right at your table. Beni Hana guarantees personalized custom service with the preparation of your meal right in front of you. On the A La Carte menu, diners can choose from a variety of fresh sushi and other Japanese specialties. We have a great selection of fine imported wines, Japanese beer, and beautiful exotic cocktails. Enjoy the vibrant music that compliments the beautiful rich decor. Beni Hana is a trendy eatery with both a vibrant and warm ambience that offers a Japanese experience that is unmatched. Allow us to entertain you for an unforgettable experience along with family and friends.

  • What is Teppanyaki?

    The Japanese word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled. Teppanyaki is also commonly known as Hibachi. Teppanyaki style cooking is an artform which allows the chefs to beautifully express themselves on the hot grills. For your enjoyment, the chefs demonstrate their showmanship along with their creative knife skills. This part of the restaurant offers many full course dinner combinations of steak, chicken, shrimps, and lobster tails.

  • Can you accommodate large parties and events at Beni Hana?

    Yes, Beni Hana is perfect for large parties. Please call for more information.

  • Does Beni Hana have a private dining area available?

    Unfortunately we do not have private dining rooms. Beni Hana has an open concept that adds to the fun and exciting atmosphere.

  • How many people can sit around the teppanyaki tables?

    Our teppayaki tables can fit groups of 2-22 people. However, groups larger than 22 guests, the adjacent table will be used.

  • Can we bring our own cake for our celebration?

    Yes, we can serve the dessert for the celebration.

  • What do you do for birthday or celebration occasions?

    For our Birthday Presentation, serving staff arrives at the table with a little dessert and sings Happy Birthday. When you arrive at the restaurant, simply notify your waiter of the special occasion.

  • Can we bring our own wine to Beni Hana?

    We have a wine list of over 20 bottles of wine and sake to choose from.

  • Does Beni Hana accommodate dietary restrictions?

    Beni Hana prides itself on accommodating most dietary needs. Please notify us upon your reservation of any restrictions.

  • Does Beni Hana offer gift certificates?

    Beni Hana has gift certificates available in any denomination. Please come in and see us at the restaurant.

  • Does Beni Hana have parking availability?

    There is full parking lot surrounding Beni Hana.

  • Is Beni Hana wheelchair accessible?

    Beni Hana is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know when making your reservation.



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    Opportunity, flexibility and new challenges every day are just a few of the reasons you will be happy to join us. When you work at Beni Hana, youll feel right at home. Its a fun, flexible environment where guests are your neighbours, co-workers are your friends and where simple acts make for a lasting impression. Do you love people and the restaurant industry? Wed love for you to join the team. And were looking for people like you!